Afterschool program offering more than just supervision

One program in the area is doing more than just help with kids with homework afterschool.

Wilmington’s Residential Adolescent Achievement Place, better known as WRAAP, will start the second year of its after school enrichment program Monday.

For parents looking for an after-school program where kids can do more than their homework, this is a suitable option.

Daryl Dockery of WRAAP said, “What we’re trying to do is make it well rounded. We’re going to have a basketball team, a dance team, we do aerobics, we do outside play, and we also do community service projects in the community.”

But students are still going to have to hit the books. School work is also an important part of the program.

“Kids in the program improved academically. We had just about one letter grade in school improvement in core subjects.” said Dockery.

Students are rewarded for their success with a trophy and candy if they are the student of the week or month.

While the WRAAP after-school program just received a state grant that will give them $90,000 for the next two years, instructors say there are still glaring needs. Volunteers and transportation are mostly needed.

“We’re looking for area business or individuals that could maybe become sponsors or assist in maybe donating a van so that we could provide student transportation on a daily basis. That’s a critical need.” Dockery stated.

Dockery hopes the program can raise enrollment about twenty percent, that way, more kids can enjoy all that the program has to offer.

“It was fun, they help us do our homework, they give us meals, and they hand out WRAAP cash if you’re doing the right thing.” one student said.

The after-school program is completely free of charge for the students, but Dockery said he wants parents to be involved, there are still spots available. For more information about the program or to donate or volunteer you can call (910)520-9286.

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