Albert Eby steps down as Wave Transit Executive Director

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (News Release) — The Board of the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority (Wave Transit) held an emergency meeting today, July 1, at 3 p.m.

During the meeting’s closed session, the board discussed the employment status of Wave Transit’s Executive Director Albert Eby.

Following the closed session, Board Chair and County Manager Chris Coudriet announced that “last week, the Wave Board offered Mr. Eby continued employment with the authority, including the same pay and benefits, in light of his current contract expiring on June 30. The employment agreement included a 60-day notice clause that would require both parties, either the board or Mr. Eby, to provide a 60-day notice of separation. Mr. Eby provided a counter offer but the board did not agree to his terms and rejected his offer. Because we could not come to terms, and due to the fact that Mr. Eby has effectively resigned his position through his actions, this ends his
employment with Wave Transit.”

At the meeting, board member Mike Kozlosky, who is also executive director of the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization, acknowledged Mr. Eby’s service to Wave saying “Albert Eby has done very good things for public transportation in this community. He has been Executive Director since Wave’s inception in 2004, he led the organization to acquire a number of new vehicles and build new facilities, and we appreciate his contributions to public transportation in this community.”

The board members were all in agreement and thanked Mr. Eby for his service.

Megan Matheny, deputy director for Wave, will serve as interim director of Wave Transit effective as of today, July 1. Ms. Matheny will assume all duties assigned to the executive director, and the board will begin its search for a new executive director in the coming weeks.

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