American Airlines not reimbursing customer after landing snafu

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — An unexpected trip to Horry County. That’s what happened for hundreds of passenger on a late night flight meant for Wilmington last week. Instead, they landed in Myrtle Beach. One woman hoped to be reimbursed for her trip home, but that didn’t happen.

“When we landed I truly believed that the pilot and the control tower were going to get this settled and we were actually going to be able to fly back to Wilmington that very night. But that didn’t happen,” Kate Cherry said.

It’s been almost a week since an American Airlines flight from Charlotte was redirected to Myrtle Beach instead of landing in Wilmington. The FAA confirmed it was due to a communication error on their part. American offered some solutions.

“We did offer overnight accommodations for our customers and at the same time we did offer advantage miles in the form of a gesture of good will,” American Airlines Spokesman Ross Feinstein said.

But Cherry wanted to get home. She took an Uber to Wilmington instead of staying the night on American’s dime and hoped the airline would cover the ride.

“I was thinking, ‘well it’s 1:30 in the morning now. By the time we get back to the hotel it’ll be 2- 3 in the morning, then we’ll have to be at the airport the next day, two hours early, we’ll get two or three hours of sleep. Uber is the best way to go,” Cherry said.

American told her they couldn’t reimburse her for the ride she arranged. A spokesman with the airline says it’s all handled case by case.

“We’ll obviously review each customer’s request for reimbursement based on the totality of what transpired and what the individual occurrence is,” Feinstein said.

But Cherry says the 10,000 AAdvantage Miles covers the distance from Wilmington to Charlotte one way. So she says next time, she’s flying Delta instead.

WWAY reached out to the FAA about the matter and we have not heard back.

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