Americans for Prosperity bus rolls into Leland with conservative message

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Just a little over a week until it’s time to vote. As election day draws closer, democrats and republicans are gearing up for the big day.

This weekend conservatives are rallying in Brunswick County. The Americans for Prosperity bus rolled into Leland with a simple message. November is coming.

They’re fired up and ready to go. Folks who feel like they’ve been taxed enough already gathered at North Brunswick High School in Leland for a rally with the conservative group.

“What we see in Brunswick County is a tremendous amount of early voting and early voting by conservatives and it shows how much people are fired up and we wanted to congratulate them and encourage them to try to get conservatives to the polls.” said Dallas Woodhouse of Americans for Prosperity.

Leland isn’t the first or only stop on the AFP bus tour either its making its rounds.
“We’re going all around the state of course we were in Fayetteville last night and here today and we will be in Sampson County this afternoon,” Woodhouse said.

The U.S. house and senate races this year are close enough to possibly swing power to the republicans.

“If that happens what I want to see is the republicans act with fairness and I don’t want to see retribution and I don’t want to see them doing what the other party is doing all of this time,’ said Joseph Kronski of the group We The People of NC.

The North Carolina legislature is in the same boat. A republican controlled legislature in Raleigh would be a historic achievement that has not happened in about a century.

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