Appeals Court denies DA’s request to overturn judge’s order

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Court of Appeals has denied Jon David’s request to overturn a judge’s order temporarily. Judge Jerry Jolly ordered David’s traffic court program stopped, because Jolly said David was “about to institute a scheme” by using a program called StreetSafe, which is run by a donor to David’s campaign.

The Court of Appeals must still rule on David’s request for a permanent stay overturning Jolly’s order.

David has also asked Jolly to withdraw his order and his accusations against David.

The feud between the DA and the judge has dragged on for weeks as sides have been taken by law enforcement and attorneys. Last month the Brunswick County Sheriff and police chiefs from around the county sided with David. In a letter, they said David’s idea would save time and money and keep officers on the streets instead of spending more time in courtrooms. The Brunswick County Bar Association, meanwhile, issued a statement of support for Jolly.

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