Area business capitalizing on the popularity of video games

Video games are part of a big industry. One area business is capitalizing on the popularity of video games, and offering the gaming experience to the masses.

A new gaming hub in Wilmington, called Play, is open for all your gaming needs. Play owner, James Domroe said, “Video games are so huge these days. We wanted a place where people can come and socialize and play video games together.”

James opened Play to put a different spin on entertainment. He said expanding the gaming experience to others will only increase the fun.

You’ll no longer have to feed your gaming addition alone. Now with Play, you can do it in a much more social environment.

“It’s really nice to know that someone has done something like this,” said gamer, Caylan McKay.

Domroe said, “It’s a lot different when you play against someone you can see, you can interact with them, it’s more tactical. It’s a lot more fun to play games that way.”

For a small fee, anyone can choose from a dozen different games on 42-inch TV’s and play all they want. During the day, Play caters to a younger crowd. At night, in come the serious competitors, who many times are looking for a chance to get out of the house for an inexpensive activity.

“I don’t have to pay for a whole gaming system. I can get my fill in here and not spend hours and hours at home. I can come in here and play some games with other people,” said Craig Galloway.

“Everyday has been picking up, people have been digging it. People like me, a lot of video gamers come in here and they are like ‘Wow’,” added Domroe.

Domroe said he knows there is a market for social gaming, and he was just the gamer to make it happen.

Right now, it costs $4 an hour to play at Play, or you can buy a membership for $50 a month. Play is considering offering video game aerobics to customers using the Wii Fit system.

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