Ashley’s Adventures: USS North Carolina Battleship

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –  70 years after the end of World War II, its history lives on in the Port City.

Commissioned into the Navy in 1941, the USS North Carolina Battleship was in every major naval offensive in the Pacific.

During her service, she earned 15 battle stars, making her America’s most decorated ship in the war.

She’s even got a nickname.

“She was going in and out of the New York Harbor so much that Walter Winchell dubbed her the Showboat,” said Kim Sincox , the museum’s service director. “That name stuck, and the guys wore it with pride.”

Now 75-year-old, the “Showboat” is now a museum ship and memorial.

Nearly melted down in the 1960’s, the Cape Fear community raised over $330, 000 to bring the battleship back to North Carolina.

She is now open for tours seven days a week.

While it’s a great opportunity for veterans and their families to get a taste of WWII, the ship offers something for everyone.

“It’s just fun”, say Sincox. “I mean, you can explore, it’s hands on, use your imagination, read the stories. They’re young men just like we know.”

During your tour you’ll tour the deck, explore the passageways and climb to the bridge.

You are literally walking in history’s footsteps.

You won’t need anything but an imagination and a good pair of shoes.

The USS North Carolina Battleship is almost 2 city blocks long and 15 stories high.

“Be prepared,” Sincox said. “I call it the Stairmaster experience.”

The battleship is now in serious need of repairs.

The museum is actively raising money to help repair her paper-thin walls.

Crews are currently working on a dam around the battleship to make those repairs possible.

They are also building a walk around the entire battleship, so visitors can explore both inside and outside the ship.

Click here to learn more about the USS North Carolina Battleship and the museum’s upcoming events.

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