Audi and Wilmington Tree Initiative plant 50 trees

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Tree Initiative teamed up with Audi Cape Fear on Friday to plant dozens of trees along the roadside.

In November, the Wilmington Audi Dealership pledged to donate a tree for every car sold.

They sold 50 cars and donated 51 trees.

50 of those were planted along Racine Drive from Old Eastwood Road to Oriole Drive.

The Wilmington Tree Initiative’s goal is to plant 1,739 trees to commemorate the year Wilmington was founded by this fall.

Now, 1,600 trees into the project, Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said they are well on their way to their goal. He looks forward to continuing to replace Wilmington’s trees lost in hurricanes and to development.

“We’ve lost a lot of trees due to hurricanes,” said Saffo. “We’ve lost a lot of trees due to development. And the citizens have asked us over and over again, plant more trees. Bring back that urban forest.”

Several dozen volunteers planted the oak and trident maple trees in just a couple hours.

Audi and other small businesses have pledged to help the initiative reach its goal. If you’re interested in learning more or help, click this link.

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