AWWW BABY! See Tatum react to sound at 1st hearing test at UNC

CHAPEL HILL, NC (WWAY) —  Tatum Lanier, a Cape Fear baby who recently was the 1000th child to get a cochlear implant at UNC, reacts to sound at her 1st checkup.

We featured the Lanier family is a special “Extraordinary Person of the Week” segment in September.   Melinda and John Lanier and their two children were all born deaf.  Tatum and her big brother Gavin both wear cochlear implants.

Monday, the Laniers took Tatum back to Chapel Hill  for a checkup and she had her first hearing test since the surgery. Melinda says she went in the sound booth to listen and see if she responded to sounds.  She sure did and it shows in the video!!! Melinda says Tatum is making wonderful progress just weeks after getting the implant!

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