Azalea Garden Tour Commences

WILMINGTON, N.C (WWAY) — And let the garden tours begin!

The Cape Fear Garden Club began their Azalea Garden Tour with the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony at a home on Masonboro sound road.

People of all ages attended the event all dressed up for the occasion.

Some worried the weather would affect the festivities but that wouldn’t stop them.

“I was concerned. You know, like everyone else at first. But, we have so much to offer and we still have a lot of beautiful azaleas blooming around town.”

Vibrant colors and azaleas flourished as Azalea Belles and Citadel Guards were aligned on the grounds for the ribbon cutting.

Some belles see this as an amazing opportunity, despite the crazy preparations.

“It’s a little bit overwhelming at first because you’re picking a dress and there’s so many of us. But this ended up being a really great bonding experience. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people and it’s so cool to see what the azalea festival’s all about because I grew up here. So it’s awesome to be apart of it.”

The garden tours and the festival as a whole is done to welcome visitors and locals to southern hospitality.

“We want everyone to enjoy our city. And we want them to enjoy our garden party and this gorgeous day.”

The ribbon cutting is complete, but the festivities are just beginning. Between the garden tours, the concerts, and the street fair it can be pretty overwhelming. So remember: stop and smell the azaleas.

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