Azalea Garden Tour: Goudarzi Garden

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Hormoze and Suzanne Goudarzis’ garden at 7509 Masonboro Sound Road used to be part of the Mason plantation many years ago. The history lives and breathes through its age-old plants and trees, and you can see it all on this year’s Azalea Garden Tour.

In fact, the secret meeting place of the Masons is now marked with the garden’s beautiful flowers.

“There’s an oak tree in here which is probably one of the oldest oak trees in New Hanover County,” garden owner Hormoze Goudarzi said. “And also, all of these trees, if they could talk, they would tell lots of interesting stories about the past.”

Although the garden has lots of history, the Goudarzis also added a few modern touches. They say the combination of tropical plants and rare trees also gives the garden an exotic feel.

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