Baby Tatum continues to show progress!

CHAPEL HILL, NC (WWAY) —  Tatum Lanier, who has warmed our hearts since we first met her last month, is wowing the audiologist at Chapel Hill.   She recently was the 1000th child to get a cochlear implant at UNC and her mother gave us an update on her 1st full hearing test.

We featured the Lanier family in a special “Extraordinary Person of the Week” segment in September.   Melinda and John Lanier and their two children were all born deaf.  Tatum and her big brother Gavin both wear cochlear implants.

Monday, the Laniers took Tatum back to Chapel Hill  for her first full checkup(she passed the initial test a couple week’s after surgery in flying colors!).   Her monther, Melinda, says Tatum’s progress is remarkable and exactly where she should be.

Melinda also told us that she and her husband, John, were fitting with hearing aids recently to get adjusted to hearing sound after many years without.  She says they both hope to work towards a cochlear implant, too, in the near future.

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