Badly injured person airlifted off scene for care

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (WWAY) — Airlink, Leland Fire/Rescue, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, and Brunswick County EMS helped a badly injured person be rescued by helicopter to receive care.

According to a Facebook post from Leland Fire/Rescue, Airlink’s “rapid response helped our crews evacuate someone who was badly injured in a remote part of our district.”

They continued by saying, “With Brunswick County EMS paramedics on scene stabilizing the victim, the expert pilot with Airlink was able to place his critical care crews less than 100 yards from where we were working.”

The Leland Fire/Rescue post also thanked sheriff deputies with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office for playing “a huge role shuttling Fire and EMS personnel to the scene and keeping us all safe so that we could work.”

“Our teamwork and their rapid response saved a lot of time,” they continued, “and made extraction of the victim that much safer.”

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