Beach visitors fight rip currents, swimmers help others in the water

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Beach visitors said the waters were rough Friday. There were reports that said there were around 20 rescues at Carolina Beach. Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue said they had 14 rescues, which was down from 29 yesterday.

But it wasn’t only officials looking out for people in the water. Some swimmers helped out other swimmers who were being pulled out to sea by rip currents.

Debra Acevedo, who was visiting Carolina Beach from Greensboro, said she knows first-hand how rough the waters were.

“It was really choppy, really rough,” said Acevedo. “I could feel like it pulling my ankle.”

Acevedo said that pull was from a rip current.

“We were swimming outside and the rip current had caught us, and it had pulled us really farther than the surfers had gone,” said Acevedo. “We had some people help us get back to shore but it took a while.”

Chris Cooley, a local surfer, said he heard a cry for help from a young boy.

“I just caught a wave and I heard somebody yell,” said Cooley. “I looked and I saw him waving his hands and kind of going up and down under water. I just happened to be right there and I paddled over and he grabbed a hold to the front of my board.”

Cooley said he waved down ocean rescue and they took over from there.

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