Beck’s of Calabash ready to reopen after fire

CALABASH, NC (WWAY) — It’s been nearly six months since flames destroyed Beck’s Seafood in Calabash. The restaurant was a total loss, but it will soon be open for business again.

Charred reamins were what was left after a fire that shut down one of Brunswick County’s favorite seafood resturants last fall. But after months of rebuilding, Beck’s will soon be ready for customers once again.

Alex Wickle has lived in Calabash most of her life. She remembers that fateful night in October.

“I was devasted,” she said. “I broke out in tears. I know some people that work there, so their emotions came to me.”

Wickle and her family have always enjoyed the Calabash-style seafood that has made Beck’s a family favorite.

“Tthe people are very nice,” Wickle said. “They are very welcoming. They make you feel welcome and the food is aweseome.”

Restaurant owner Kurt Hardee says they have spared no expense in rebuilding Beck’s. They have re-designed the restaurant’s layout, which will now seat more than 160 people at one time.

“Come down and see us,” Hardee said. “I think they will be very impressed with the new building and the same ol’ calabash seafood that we have had.”

And if everything remains on schedule, Beck’s could be back open this weekend, just in time for its peak summer season.

Beck’s is planning a big re-opening party in the near future. The owners expect all of their former employees to return.

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