Bell ringing is a family tradition

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Despite news of a better economy, and lower prices at the pump, the Salvation Army says, overall, donations are down in the Cape Fear this season. The number of families who need help this season, however, is up.

So, one fortunate family is showing all of us how we can help those who are not as fortunate just by ringing a bell.

You might not expect to see kids ringing the red kettle bell for the Salvation Army, but this is the fourth year that Harrison Yourkiewicz and his grandmother Marsha Yourkiewicz have done that at the AC Moore on South College Road Wilmington.

“It’s a good thing if you have a family because it’s not really fun if you’re doing it on your own. The more people you have, the more attention you’re going to get from more people, “ Harrison said.

Marsha agreed saying, “I think we actually collect more money with the children here than if I was standing here ringing the bell.”

That’s why Harrison’s little sister, Miller, also rang the bell this year.

“This is her first year,” Harrison said.

Harrison and Miller are children who are fortunate enough to collect donations for the unfortunate ones.

“I think they’re an inspiration,” Marsha said.

It’s inspiration that the Salvation Army needs every year, and especially this year.

“The kettle numbers are doing very well, but other donations are behind, and they’re behind considerably,” said Maj. Richard Watts with the Salvation Army.

Watts added that the number of families applying for Salvation Army assistance is up considerably this year.

“We have seen about a five percent increase particularly in the outlying areas. Those areas, such as Columbus county and Pender county, we have seen a 200 percent increase,” Watts said.

Maj. Watts said, thankfully, along with that increase, has come an increase in volunteers.

“We’ll have close to 4,000 volunteers,” he said.

Now, Maj. Watts says the Salvation Army just needs more donations.

“We’re hoping that people who are going to mail a check into the Salvation Army are going to go to the post office, and get it to us,” Watts said.

Meanwhile, Harrison and Marsha want more people to join them in ringing the bell to ring in the true meaning of Christmas.

“I’m hoping that other families will see that this might me something that they might want to do together,” Marsha said.

“We like it because we know that there’s a lot of people that don’t have homes or toys, so we just do it because it’s a nice family thing to do,” Harrison said.

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