Beloved postal worker retires after delivering three decades of smiles

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Residents of the Echo Farms community bid farewell to a beloved postal worker who retired after three decades of service on Friday afternoon.

Vivian Liddell has been a postal worker for 35 years, delivering countless packages and envelopes, but those who know her say she’s delivered more than that.

“Vivian has made a lot of people smile,” Lynn Abplanalp said.

“She just goes out of her way and she’s always got a smile on her face and when she sees you down the road she will toot that little horn and just wave,” Pat Tillery said.

Many neighbors put up signs, brought out balloons, and even had presents for Vivian on her last day. For the past 13 years, she has worked the Echo Farms route. Residents say she went above and beyond to do her job and became a part of their family along the way.

“I’m going to miss her like I would miss a friend,” Debbie Casavant said.

“We’ve only been here 5 and a half years but it still feels like we’re going to miss a good friend,” Abplanalp said.

WWAY surprised Vivian on her last day and she wasn’t able to give an interview, but she did say how thankful she was for the community.

“The kids are my nieces and nephews and my four-legged creatures,” Liddell said. “We see each other every day so the older ones are like mom and dad, so I call them my mom and dad.”

It was clear she was overwhelmed with love from all residents, like WWAY’s Jeff Rivenbark.

“You are next-level amazing,” Rivenbark said. “We’re going to miss you.” Vivian replied with a teary-eyed “thank you.”

“I see them every day and check on them and make sure everybody’s okay,” Liddell said. “That’s the hardest part…leaving everybody.”

Members of the Echo Farms community all agree, their neighborhood is going to be a little dimmer without Vivian brightening the days.

“She’s just a wonderful person,” Tillery said. “It makes me want to tear up thinking that she’s going to leave, but I wish her the best.”

WWAY wishes Vivian a happy, healthy retirement.

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