Belville moves forward after commissioner resigns

Belville, NC (WWAY) — The Belville Board of Commissioners officially has an open seat, but four days after Charles Bost submitted his resignation his fellow commissioners still don’t know why he quit.

“To be honest with you I would love for him to have been here and expressed his own opinions because I can’t speak for Chuck,” said Mayor Mike Allen. “I hate to see him leave but that’s the direction that he wants to take his life in.”

Despite having an empty seat on the board, commissioners say the work of Belville will go on, as shown by their investment of thousands of dollars into the new river walk.

“As far as the town is concerned we have to move forward,” said Joe Breault. “Belville is no longer the back water of yesterday. Today, Belville is riding the crest of the wave of the future and tomorrow we’re going to see some dramatic changes in this town.”

Change that Mayor Allen says has already attracted a number of applicants for the vacant seat before it has even been posted.

“I’m actually happy to hear that they’re already applying before we officially put it out,” said Allen. “It says a lot about our town’s people that they see the activity, and the direction we’re heading in, and they want to be a part of that growth.”

Despite the interest in the vacant seat the Belville Board of Commissioners is going to wait until February to discuss a replacement for Bost so that they can properly vet potential replacements and find the right fit.

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