Black Lives Matter holds ‘4th of You Lie’ Rally and March

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — On a day when many are celebrating, the Black Lives Matter Wilmington group led a peaceful protest called “The 4th of You Lie.”

The group met at 1898 Memorial Park then marched to Innes Park where speakers took to the steps discussing racial injustices in America and more.

“America hasn’t been good to black people. This is the United States of America. In the Pledge of Allegiance, they say ‘Justice for All.’ But have we gotten justice for all?” Black Lives Matter Leader Sonya Patrick asked the crowd.

They responded with a quick “No!”

Speakers addressed that on the first independence day Black men and women were still slaves and once they were freed, they were promised reparations that they never received.

“They promised us a mule and 40 acres. Did we get a mule and 40 acres?” Patrick asked the crowd again.

They responded “No!”

One Burgaw Black Lives Matter activist spoke about the need for reparations and why they are still necessary.

“The United Nations has declared that the United States Government owes reparations and must be paid,” he said. “Reparations for kidnap, reparations for rape, reparations for terror, reparations for murder, reparations for slavery. The most violent crime in American history.”

He says the need for them is the need to make things right, because the impacts of slavery can still be seen today.

“Nothing from nothing left nothing but a struggle. It’s like playing the game of Monopoly,” he said. “When you sit down and play Monopoly, everybody else around the table is handed out money by the banker. The banker gives everybody some money. Well, when the slaves were set free, they came to the table and they didn’t get no money.”

He tried to put it into perspective.

“We need to realize that there is a need for reparations. Some of you might not agree with this but, if it was your people would you think that it wouldn’t be necessary to make things right?” he said. “I know if y’all had been through slavery, I would want to make it right.”

Sonya Patrick says it is time for change.

“America, you lie and you’ve got to do better,” Patrick said. “We’re holding you accountable today. In 2020, we’re holding America accountable.”

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