Bladen sheriff’s office cautions drivers of high water

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office is urging drivers to be cautious of high water due to flooding from heavy rainfall.

Statistics show that over half of all flooding-related deaths occur when vehicles are driven into hazardous floodwaters. The next highest related deaths are from walking into floodwaters.

People underestimate the power of moving floodwaters. Many deaths occur when cars are swept downstream by the swiftly moving water.

Never drive around barriers blocking a flooded road. The road may collapse under the weight of the water. It only takes 12 inches of rushing water to carry away a car.

Drivers are also advised to be on the lookout for road damage from the freezing rain and floodwaters. Potholes can damage your car or cause you to have an accident advised Sheriff Jim McVicker.

“We are asking the traveling public to be on the lookout for floodwaters and road damage,” McVicker said. “This can be reported to the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office at (910) 862-6960, the North Carolina Highway Patrol at (910) 962-3133, or the North Carolina Department of Transportation at 1-800-368-4368.”

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