STICKY SITUATION: Boaters rescued from mud at Belville boat ramp

BRUNSWICK COUNTY,  NC (WWAY) — A day of boating on Saturday turned into a call for a water rescue, after a boater got stuck waist deep in the mud.

Chief John Grimes with Leland Fire Rescue said it happened Saturday around 3:00 p.m. at the Brunswick Riverwalk at Belville.

A group of people on a boat went to drive up into the boat ramp but the tide had gone out.

Grimes said the area around the ramp was muddy and the boat ran aground.

Grimes says a man jumped out of the boat to help and when he did, he got stuck in the mud.

Fire crews responded and while they were there, another boater jumped out and also got stuck.

Grimes says they had to use ladders and a backboard to distribute the weight across the mud, which allowed them to walk out and help the boaters.

Grimes says this can be dangerous because of the risk of alligators, snakes, and the tide coming back in.

It took nearly 2 1/2 hours for crews to clear the scene.

As for the boat, one person remained aboard until the tide came in.

Grimes says this is the third time they have responded to a call like this since July.

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