Boy mows lawns to raise money for school supplies, help with family finances

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While many children are filling the last of their summer time with fun and leisure one Wilmington boy is hard at work.

Ten-year-old Tyran Bell said his family is going through a rough time. He said his mother’s brother is recovering from an accident in Charlotte and his mother is missing a lot of work. He said he wanted to help out so he began offering to mow people’s lawns so he could pay for his own school clothes and supplies.

“It started out with helping my momma out so she can pay her bills and I can buy my own school supplies,” said Bell.

Tara Lewis, Tyran’s mother, said this was a proud moment for her.

“He came up with the idea like ‘momma I wanna mow grass so I can pay for my school supplies and my school clothing’,” said Lewis. “Not too many kids his age are willing to go out, and make his own money and they usually have their hand out wanting their momma to pay for everything so I am very blessed because he’s very helpful and he’s a smart kid.”

And it’s not just Tyran’s mother who has noticed this about him. Theresa Babb, owner of A1 Security Services LLC in Wilmington, said she was moved by a Facebook post about Tyran’s efforts.

“Here’s a little boy that’s taking the rest of the summer and you can tell he’s concerned and he’s worried about his mom having to buy it and it just spoke to me,” said Babb. “Such an amazing kid should have help.”

Babb said she’s helping by making her business a drop-off location for people to donate clothing and school supplies for Tyran. Her business is located at 5101 Dunlea Court Suite 201. She said excess donations will be given to other local children.

Bell said he doesn’t want to stop working of his money and he plans on giving any extra donations he gets to other kids as well.

“Tyran has always been the kind of person that wants to give and do things for other people,” said Lewis. “So I think it’s a blessing because now that someone has been able to bless him, he’s able to bless somebody else.”

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