Boy Scout earns his Eagle wings

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — 2010 marks the 100th year of Scouting in America. This year is a milestone for one Wilmington Boy Scout because he gets to celebrate becoming an Eagle. Grayson Jones is a junior at New Hanover High School. He’s been a scout since third grade. Grayson started as a Cub, advanced to a Boy Scout, and is in the final stages of becoming an Eagle Scout. Earning Eagle status is difficult; a Boy Scout has to complete an Eagle Leadership Project. Grayson chose to lead his troop in fencing off areas of William D. Halyburton Jr. Memorial Park. The fences will keep people off animal paths and out of areas where endangered plants are trying to grow back.

“It’s taken a very long time, and it feels great. I can finally get the rank and move on,” said Grayson.

After completing his final project, Grayson has to go through a review of all the skills he’s learned. Halyburton Park is special to Grayson not only because it’s the home of his final project, but also because he’s enjoyed going there since he was young.

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