Bridge construction could create holiday-headache

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Traffic along Carolina Beach Road was backed up for miles this afternoon, and construction on the Snow’s Cut Bridge is to blame. Signs directed cars to shift to the left lane over 2 miles away from the bridge, causing a stand-still in traffic. Drivers say what used to be a quick drive to and from work has turned into a headache.

“I live on Kure Beach. I work in Monkey Junction also. It usually takes me about five minutes to get over the bridge, not 45 minutes,” said one frustrated driver.

The bridge construction isn’t only frustrating drivers. It also has Carolina Beach businesses on edge. Easter is one of the busiest weekends for Britt’s Donuts down in Carolina Beach. The owner says he hopes the bridge won’t cause any problems.

“It is a necessary thing that they do it, but it is a really big inconvenience,” said Britts Donut Shop owner Bobby Nevins.

Nevins says the timing could have been better.

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