Brother and sister found dead in Willard, family says they died from the flu

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Pender County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the deaths of a brother and sister from Willard. Their bodies were found off Highway 11 in Pender County Saturday evening.

Deputies responded to a call from family members to find 63-year-old Warren Gore and 65-year-old Annie Gore, dead in their homes at 9085 and 9065 Highway 11.

Family members told WWAY off camera that they died from a case of the flu , a major concern for neighbors and friends.

“Who knows what it came from,” said Nisha Mckoy, a neighbor of the Gore’s. “It has me alerted right now, checking out the children, my nieces and nephews and everything as well as myself to try and make sure that we’re all healthy. I think everyone should go be checked out.”

Family says Warren and Annie had not been to the doctor yet because they did not believe their condition was that serious.

Family and neighbors say they are surprised and the two will be missed.

“You go to church she (Annie Gore) hugs you, and she hugs you so tight so you know it real,” said Mckoy. “She was a very nice person. She speaks, she laughs, she smiled, she loved to be in her yard. She’s a lovable person.”

The causes of the deaths are still under investigation. Both bodies will be sent for autopsies this week.

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