Brunswick County charter school teacher resigns after alleged shooting threat

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY)– A teacher at a charter school in Brunswick County has resigned after an alleged threat by a student.

“It’s crazy, the situation, the situation is crazy” is how 6th and 7th Grade Science Teacher, Alexis Crelin describes the situation that unfolded at Classical Charter Schools of Southport on Friday.

On Friday afternoon, a middle school student attending Classical Charter Schools allegedly made a threat to shoot up the school.   

Crelin, a science teacher at the school, says before the threat was made, she gave the student multiple warnings for their behavior, and asked the student to write a note to their parents. 

“The gist of the note was, that this was dumbest thing I ever had to do, I spoke to him again and said you swore, called fellow students mentally disabled,” Crelin said.  

 Later, Crelin says a student in her 6th grade group messaged her saying they had seen a note written by this student that they were going to return on Monday and “shoot up the school”. Word quickly spread. 

“I have some very frantic concerned parents that are letting me know that after our incidents with this student today, their children have witnessed a shooting threat note and verbalization of that in the aftercare program and their children are afraid to return to school on Monday,” Crelin said.  

Crelin says she notified the headmaster at the school, and was brushed off. 

“He said, well, it’s the weekend… well it’s the weekend. And I said, well it’s my life,” Crelin said.  

On Sunday, Classical Charter’s Headmaster Bill Stidham sent a note to parents letting them know that an incident on Friday was reported to law enforcement, and that all threats are taken seriously. 

 The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office confirms they investigated and searched the student’s home, and determined the threat was unsubstantiated.  

“Because there was no communication, I was left with the frantic, scared conversations that parents have had with me, and my own thoughts,” Crelin said.  

Crelin, who has taught for more than ten years, says she resigned due to the school’s lack of communication to her and parents. 

“There are severe missteps that were taken, and I hope that me coming forward and saying something will save some lives. Whether it be today or in the future,” Crelin said.  

We spoke with the school administrator on the phone and he says safety is their main concern, and the student is no longer allowed to attend Classical Charter Schools. 

 The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said law enforcement was on campus Monday patrolling the area to help with peace of mind for parents and staff. 

 Crelin said she went to the school Monday and picked up her personal belongings.  

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