Brunswick County judge heading to inauguration

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County judge is packing her suitcase and heading to Capitol Hill this week to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration.

It is an exciting time for Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis as she has supported Donald Trump throughout his campaign. Now Judge Lewis gets to see Trump as he is sworn in as President of the United States.

“Brunswick County could benefit from a strong economy. We can benefit from jobs. We can benefit from affordable housing. All the things that Donald Trump talked about on the campaign trail,” Lewis said.

From supporting Trump on the campaign trail to attending his inauguration, Lewis is excited to be part of history in the making.

“His call to action ‘Make America Great Again’ was more than just a campaign slogan. It is indeed a mission that I wanted to be a part of and look forward to the great things to come,” Lewis said.

Lewis first met Trump while campaigning in Fayetteville in March and since then she has supported him despite negative views.

“He is an incredible figure. Larger than life is what comes to mind. But also very humble. Very nice. And he told me I didn’t look like i’d been on the bench for 23 years. And I appreciated that,” Lewis said.

Lewis says Martin Luther King’s dream was for all African Americans to participate in the political process and that is what she plans to do.

“I feel like that I’m fulfilling that dream. And whether we’re democrats, or independents, or republicans. We all have a duty to engage in the political process. And so whether you voted for Trump or whether you did not support Trump, or do not support him. We’re still Americans and it’s time for the country to heal again,” Lewis.

Lewis added Trump is a great business man, father, and is supportive of therapeutic courts. One of the many reasons she supports him.

This will be Lewis’ second inauguration, her first was George W. Bush in 2005. Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States will be Friday in Washington D.C.

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