Brunswick County residents gather to talk about county sales tax

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Leaders in Brunswick County continue to take a closer look at how they distribute sales tax revenue.

It’s an issue that is causing a lot of commotion.

It was standing room only at Monday evening’s public meeting to talk about the county’s formula for distributing sales tax revenue to municipalities. A formula that not everyone agrees with.

“Well, from the murmuring in the crowd, I would say the consensus here, from this end of the county is for the method to stay the same,” said David Hollis, Leland Town Manager.

Dozens of residents from across Brunswick County crammed into Leland’s Town Hall Monday evening to talk about the county’s sales tax revenue.

“One person initiated it and then the county commissioners in hearing that voice initiated this process,” said Hollis.

Currently the county’s formula for distributing sales tax revenue is done on a population basis, but some residents think it should be done Ad Valorem, which is based off of real estate value.

The Ad Valorem formula is said to favor districts that generate more in property taxes like beach towns.

“If you are going to turn around and raise taxes before you know it, people will have to leave,” said Bob Corriston, Leland Resident.

Brunswick County Commissioner Frank Williams was not able to attend Monday’s public meeting, but in a statement he said; “The Board of Commissioners is not advocating any change to the sales tax distribution formula,” he said. “At this point all the Board of Commissioners has agreed to do is listen.”

“This is going to be my future here. This is going to be my family’s future here, so it is definitely going to impact me,” said Isaac Bradshaw, Leland Resident.

A committee has been assembled to review the sales tax rates.

If you have any questions or comments you are encouraged to contact any of the Brunswick County Commissioners.

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