Brunswick County students head to school, buses back in action

BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) — It’s the final few hours of summer for Brunswick County students, and big preparations are in order to make sure the first day flows smoothly.

Brunswick County students head back to school tomorrow, but getting there can be a pain, especially on the first day. Luckily, one man says he has the solution.

The first day of school can be challenging, especially for those riding the bus. But new students, new bus routes, and nearly 7-thousand daily riders don’t frighten Brunswick County Schools Transportation Director Bobby Taylor.

He says he and his team are prepared to transport students safely and effectively.

While students enjoy the last few hours of the last day of summer, Taylor is working hard to make sure students get to class on time.

“We’re very, very conscientious of making sure that every ‘T’ is crossed, and every ‘I’ is dotted when it comes to students,” Taylor said. “Student’s safety is our number one priority.”

He says they have great bus drivers on staff who are willing to take on the huge responsibility.

“As I tell our drivers day in and day out, that they’re the only employee in the school system that literally holds the power of life and death in the palms of their hands,” Taylor explained.

He says their bus drivers are well trained to keep kids safe, but there are plenty of things he says students can do to keep themselves safe as well.

“When they’re at the bus stop, they need to remain standing still until the door is open and the stop lines, the stop arm, and the stop sign has been extended,” Taylor said.

Taylor says it’s also important for students to look before crossing, even with the bus nearby to make sure all cars have stopped.

One student says he takes it safe when it comes to the bus.

“At our house we have to stay at the driveway, and the bus will pull up and we get on it,” 5th grade student Andrew Wilson said.

He says riding the bus gives him time to hang out with friends.

“I like it on the first days because you get to see your friends and last days that way you can say goodbye to your friends,” Wilson said.

Another student says she doesn’t mind riding the bus.

“I usually just sit down, and look out the window the whole time,” 4th grade student Bianca Gibson said.

But she can’t quite make up her mind about school.

“I’m kind of looking forward to school and not sitting at the house and being bored but I also don’t want school to start,” Gibson said.

Brunswick County School’s spokeswoman says even with the best planning, there may still be some bumps in the road.

She asks parents with transportation concerns to contact their child’s school.

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