Brunswick Disaster Recovery Plan

This six-hundred-page book holds details to a disaster recovery plan 45 meetings and was six months in the making. It can take ten years to recover from a natural or man-made disaster. This plan helps dictate who will be in charge of what during the recovery process to help businesses re-open and people get their lives back in order as quickly as possible. Bald Head Island Public Safety Chief Chip Munna says, "As far as Bald Head Island goes, we are a true island, there’s no connecting bridge, so there’s logistics involved in getting recovery equipment over, personnel over, trying to manage the situation after a big event. So this plan brings it all together so we’re all cohesive so we can make good choices, plan ahead, and respond better." The North Carolina Division of Emergency Management funded the planning with $250,000 in federal funds. Scott Garner, Brunswick County Emergency Services Deputy Directors says, "We’ve got our specific plan. Now the state’s going to take it and it’s going to become a template to where they can go into other counties and they can use it to help build their own plan." So why Brunswick County? "They have 19 different municipalities in the one county, I think more than any other county in North Carolina. They’re also a border state with another state. They also have a fixed nuclear facility in the county, they’re also a coastal state and they also have a military installation. What better place to develop a comprehensive recovery plan?," says the state’s Sprayberry. The planning is complete, but there’s much more work ahead. Now begins the training to implement the plan.

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