Brunswick residents worry over impacts from proposed Cape Fear Skyway

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A new bridge across the Cape Fear River has been talked about for years. Now, there’s new talk about the plans and it has some Brunswick County residents concerned about where a highway will be built.

The proposed Cape Fear Skyway would give drivers another route between Brunswick and New Hanover counties. Some people are worried about where the state would build the highway to get to the bridge.

“There’ll be public hearings held in the spring with a merger team meeting scheduled for the summer to select what’s considered the least environmentally damaging and practical alternative,” Transportation Planning Manager Mike Kozlosky said.

“Houses are quite close together,” Brunswick Forest resident David Johnson said. “It’s very conducive to neighbors walking to each other’s houses. This lake, for example, is for biking and other activities, and the concept of having a disturbance of that size encroaching on us and the quality of life we’ve come to enjoy here is really hard to imagine.”

Even when the decision is made, it will be a long time before construction begins, but some residents fear the effects will happen soon, regardless of the start date.

“Property values will decrease,” Resident John Morbito. “The amount of traffic will increase. The noise level will increase.”

Depending on the route chosen, residents say some homes in Brunswick Forest would have to go to make room for the new highway.

The Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization is meeting Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at Leland Town Hall and one topic being discussed is the Skyway. Residents are welcome to attend.

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