Brunswick woman killed in N. Myrtle Beach was witness in murder trial

By F.T. Norton
StarNews Staff

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (StarNews) — A Shallotte woman shot and killed in a North Myrtle Beach parking lot was a witness for the state in April in a 2012 Mecklenburg County killing. The case ended in a hung jury.

North Myrtle Beach police are searching for two men in connection with the 11 a.m. Saturday shooting death of Amanda Renee’ Fisher, 29, according City of North Myrtle Beach spokesman Patrick Dowling.

Dowling said witnesses outside the K&W Cafeteria at 1621 U.S. 17 N. on Saturday reported hearing a gunshot ring out and then seeing a man pull a body from a white vehicle before he and another occupant fled in the vehicle.

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