Brunswick County holds terrorism drill

BELVILLE — If we had a terrorist attack here, would our emergency officials know how to respond? That’s why a terrorism drill took place Sunday in Brunswick County.

It’s something many of us would rather not think about, but in this day in age it’s a reality: terrorists targeting a nuclear power plant. Now emergency response officers are coming together to see how they would handle that situation.

While it’s just a simulation, responders pretend it’s a real terrorist attack.

Heather Heigl with Brunswick County Emergency Services said, “There is a terrorist plot that the terrorist tried to blow up the natural gas and the parazylene line, and that was just a diversion technique on their way to the Brunswick County nuclear power plant.”

Then the mock terrorists escape in their car and cause an accident.

Heigl said, “An innocent by-stander comes by to offer help and that’s when the terrorists high-jack the innocent person and take them as a hostage into the Belville Elementary School.”

In the event of an emergency every single decision that is made is made here at the incident command post.”

Emergency Services Evaluator Randy Thompson said, “On a whole everything went really well today.”

The exercise did help emergency officials find ways to improve.

Thompson said, “We noticed that some of our contact list for notification there were some areas where we need to make some corrections on, update some information.”

Overall, the exercise was a success. The SWAT team captured the terrorists and emergency responders practiced important, life-saving emergency procedures.

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