Brunswick DSS director fired

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Fired with little explanation. After 29 years on the job, the Brunswick County DSS Director was terminated last night. A unanimous vote by the Social Services Board gave the director his walking papers.

We’re being told Jamie Orrock was terminated because of allegations over his conduct and behavior. What we don’t know is what those allegations are.

The Brunswick County Board of Social Services and County Commissioners are not saying much about why Orrock was fired.

Social Services Board Chair Charles Warren said in a statement, “The decision to terminate Mr. Orrock is not final, as Mr. Orrock has certain rights of appeal, if he chooses to exercise them. Because of that and out of respect to Mr. Orrock’s rights, the board will have no further comment about this matter.”

Board members made the decision to fire Orrock at an emergency meeting Monday night. Orrock had been on administrative leave since August.

Social Services Board Attorney Gary Shipman also would not comment on the decision. County commissioners said they knew very little about Orrock’s termination.

County Manager Marty Lawing said the county does not have the authority to hire or fire a director. It is up to the DSS Board.

We contacted the state Division of Social Services. A spokesperson said the state does not get involved in the administrative end of how the county offices run. She said the county DSS Board has authority over the director, not the state.

We also drove to Orrock’s house for comment, but he was not home.

The big question is where does the DSS Board go from here? Another issue they have not addressed.

Orrock has 15 days to appeal his termination.

This is apparently not the first time he’s been fired from his job with Brunswick DSS. News stories from the 1980s show he was fired for sexual harassment. He later got back his job after claiming he never got a chance to respond to those allegations.

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