BUILDING HISTORY: Alicia Ross’ new house

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — There is something new in old Wilmington and we were there every step of the way. Alicia Ross built a brand new home that fits perfectly with the historic homes on the block.

“It is amazing how many people have said how old is your house or when was your house built and we were like 2013.” Alicia told us.

Alicia is a busy woman and she wanted a place for her family and many pursuits.

“I have my segment on WWAY on Mondays at 5:30. I write about food, I have my newspaper column and Kitchen Scoop blog,, it’s kind of my online recipe box.” Ross described.

Alicia added personal touches like transom windows, high ceilings, fixtures and old furnishings redone to blend old and new into one style. And, of course she is known for her cooking.

“We designed a 10 foot tall pantry and it’s about 6 feet deep and we have a rolling library ladder so I won’t break my neck reaching to the top shelves,” Ross said. “We have already filled it up so we are going to have to do some trading out soon.”

Special accents are not confined to the interior of the home.

“The yard art is from my grandfather’s plows, my brother who is very artistic put them together in sculpture. “ Alicia said proudly.

It’s old and new carefully balanced.

“It’s a really beautiful blend of old and new and we are really happy to be a part of historic downtown Wilmington and be the new house on the block.”

Alicia Ross has a beautiful home on Front Street and you can see more of it along with eight other houses during the Back Door Kitchen Tour on Saturday October 12.

If you know a building with a great story, please let me know.

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