WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It was built in the 1920’s on Front Street to house those in need, now those in need of a nice room can stay here.

The Front Street Inn is this week’s Building History.

”We’ve owned it, my wife and I for almost 9 years,” Richard Salinetti explained.

Richard and Polly Salinetti are the Innkeepers now but this historic building has been offering much needed housing for many years.

”The most important one I can think of, it was one of the first Salvation Army buildings in Wilmington. It was built in 1923 and they housed children on the second level,” Salinetti said.

Children with need were given a place to stay right here on Front Street. Some of them make their way back to remember.

”He was raised here and he went into detail about the inn and the old steel balcony out front,” Salinetti revealed.

While many famous people have stayed here, it is the famous names on the rooms that attract many.
Like artist Georgia O’Keeffe with distinctive South Western décor, colors, accents and a reminder of her work.

Or maybe you would like a little Key West.

”The Hemmingway is on the front of the building, one of the original suites that the previous owners designed. Has a Jacuzzi tub, fireplace, it has the original old steel balcony that was part of the Salvation Army,” Salinetti said proudly.

Some people trace the lower foundation back to the coffee house that stood on this spot in the 100’s. In any case there is history here and they will find you a room at the Inn.

The Salvation Army buried a time capsule here to be opened in 100 years, that anniversary will come up in 2023. We’ll see what they wanted us to know.

If you know a building with a good story, please let me know at.

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