Building History: St Luke AME Zion Church

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A church is home to many things and this one has been here to serve many in our community. Reverend William Johnson the Third knows the history of this place

“St Luke’s church was born April 8, 1865 on the heels of the civil war, and grew from there,” Reverend Johnson explained. “It’s been here through many challenges. Through world wars through civil rights movements, through all those things this church has stood here on this corner.”

A beautiful church and well-appointed inside as well as out. But you have to meet reverend Johnson and the congregation to feel the spiritual side.

“The church has always been an anchor for the community for all the challenges, educating its children, preparing a place for people who have no place to go, providing food and shelter in the social sphere and also to take care of the spiritual needs of the community and help us to grow toward God.” Said Johnson.

The church has shared the struggle of many and this church has had to overcome challenges of its own.

“Also this churches history is very important, very powerful,” Johnson pointed out. “It’s burned three times and rebuilt three times. The last time was 1944 going into 1945 New Year’s Eve. It was rebuilt in a time of war with brick and steel and stands since then.”

No matter the day, it is always warm and sunny inside of St Luke’s

“We call ourselves a resurrection people on the rise,” Reverend Johnson proclaimed. “We are reaching, igniting, serving and embracing. We define our church’s ministry by the way in which we treat and love people. It’s a place where you can feel at home and feel safe.”
St Luke’s is at 709 Church street, but they will observe Good Friday at the park. Reverend Johnson and the congregation will be at Hugh MacRae Park at Noon on Friday March 29, with food and fellow ship and you are invited.

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