ONLY ON WWAY: Leland business covered in sewage after pipe break

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — “I have customers coming right now and I can’t let them in because it stinks too much,” Jeff Kircher, Empire Deli & Bagel owner, said. It’s the stench of sewage. Which means it’s not just water on the floor. It’s sewage in a restaurant.

“Someone was boring under the- part of the easement area and hit a sewer line and some of the tenants complained that they were having trouble with their plumbing,” Roger James, property manager, said.”

Empire Deli & Bagel was one of those businesses impacted by the backed up sewage and Kircher is angry.

“This is not good. The sewer is back up into here. It’s back up into all the places. I’ve talked to everybody in the building and that’s what happened,” Kircher said.

He understands Leland is expanding and adding more buildings but thinks they’re forgetting about the impact it has on businesses. Kircher says he had to close early and lost a lot of money from this.

“This is $1000 easily that I will lose for a couple of hours today,” Kircher said.

He also has to clean the mess he didn’t cause. He is still fuming over the loss of potential customers who walked in and walked back out.

“I am a little bit livid. There’s water all over the place. I have to close up. I have people who have told me they can’t eat here because of the smell of the sewer. So I’m out of business technically,” Kircher said.

A plumbing crew arrived at the business and began pumping out the water. Kircher hopes everything will be back to normal tomorrow so he can serve his customers again.

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