Businesses stay busy over toxic tap water fears

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Following the StarNews investigation on GenX found in the Cape Fear River, the biggest of the several unanswered questions is whether our water is safe to drink.

Whatever the case may be many people are not taking any chances with what they are drinking. Creating a significant increase in business for water delivery companies and stores across Wilmington.

“Lately they’ve been through the roof. We’ve sold a lot, we’ve run out of a lot,” Tidal Creek Co-op Manager, Eric Edwards said.

“This is the biggest thing that we’ve ever encountered,” Culligan of Wilmington Manager, Jacqui Leiblein said.

Culligan of Wilmington and Tidal Creek Co-op have been flooded with business since the news about GenX was released.

Both Edwards and Leiblein say people are frantically buying bottled water and drinking water systems.

“We’ve got people who are like I don’t care what it costs. We just want to buy it,” Leiblein said.

Leiblein says they have received hundreds of calls, voicemails and emails. They are not alone, Tidal Creek Co-op has also been slammed they have been running out of water containers.

“I think the biggest concern is people aren’t sure what is in their water so they want to make sure the source is safe. If they get it from here through our bulk water system it goes through a reverse osmosis filter which takes out 99.9% of the impurities, including pesticides, anything from runoff, sand, dirt,” Edwards said.

People like Alison Hanson, and many others, are afraid to drink, cook or bathe in the water.

“When there’s nothing known about it that means that we don’t have any idea what type of ingestion is safe or not safe,” Hanson said.

Hanson says she is scared for her children’s safety.

“With little tiny people you can really, ingesting even microparticles of toxins can be devastating,” Hanson said.

It is a scary situation Leiblein says she has never seen before and one that has people asking all kinds of questions.

“You know, how much is your bottled water? Because people are wanting a fast fix, real quick to go with the bottled water. They’re wanting to know all about reverse osmosis equipment. What the differences are, whether you can do it for your whole house, whether you can do it just under the sink,” Leiblein said.

Numerous questions many people just want answered.

“You know, could have more truthful information about what water we’re drinking and how safe it is,” Hanson said.

Edwards says people are using their reverse osmosis machine now more than ever.

For more on what Tidal Creek Co-op provides, click here.

As for Culligan of Wilmington, it has already installed dozens of reverse osmosis systems. They have already put in more orders to keep up with requests.

For more on what Culligan of Wilmington provides, click here.

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