Candidates for House District 16 discuss issues

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Aside from Presidential candidates, getting to know those running for State Representative is also important as Election Day is quickly approaching.

Like the candidates for District 16, which covers Pender and Onslow County.

Current Republican Representative Chris Millis said if reelected he will continue to cut taxes and keep an eye on the budget to make sure tax payers money is well spent.

His opponent, Democrat Steve Unger, said if elected he will work across the aisle to improve and fund education, environmental, and infrastructural issues among other things.

“I think education has to be the number one issue with teacher assistants being eliminated and teacher fellows being eliminated,” Unger said. “And I think folks that are voting for me and for other democrats are voting to fund education better.”

“Overall the most important and weighty issues we all face is taxation and making sure that it’s fair and that it’s as low as possible, allowing people to keep more of their money,” Millis said.

Another big issue in the area, the Hampstead bypass. It’s an issue both candidates agree on, and said they will work to address.

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