Candidates respond to attack ad

Gubernatorial candidates are responding to an attack ad put out by the North Carolina Republican Party.

The ad hit radio and television airwaves earlier this week. It links Democratic gubernatorial candidates to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s former pastor. Today, a spokesperson for Bev Perdue called Wright’s remarks "deplorable" and said they are a distraction from the real issues. Richard Moore chalked the ad up to smear tactics.

Even though it was put out by his own party, Republican candidate Pat McCrory called the ad unnecessary.

"The ad was not needed, because everyone knows about reverend Wright’s horrible, horrible comments, and we don’t need to run an ad to remind them of it," McCrory said. "I like it, frankly, when the Democrats were fighting among themselves about this issue, and I never interfere with a fight among the people who are opponents."

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain also wrote a letter to the North Carolina GOP asking it not to run the ad.

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