Cannon balls recreate thunder in local theater

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For the first time Thalian Hall is providing a free, unique event that is expected to take Wilmington by storm.

It’s called “Thunder Roll” and it will bring people a taste of what it was like to see performances in the 19th century.

Most theaters nowadays use digital sound effects, but there’s only one theater in the country that can create a thunderstorm indoors using a cannon ball.

With wooden troughs and cannon balls rolling through the ceiling the historic theater is creating a realistic thunderstorm.

The event is happening July 13. Starting at 10am and again at 11am, 1pm and 2pm, there will be a 20 minute presentation, including the Storm Speech from Shakespeare’s King Lear performed by Executive Director Tony Rivenbark.

“This is a free opportunity to come experience this building and learn something about it,” Rivenbark said. “That they may not have ever had a chance to experience. It’s a gift to the community, it’s our first time trying this so we’re doing it four times to provide people maximum viewing. So, it’s good for the whole family.”

There will also be international painters from Russia painting canvases all around the theater during the show.

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