Cape Fear Fair and Expo sees increase in fairgoers in comparison to previous years

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Many people gathered at the Cape Fear Fair and Expo at the airport on Sunday, for a fun-filled day with rides, food, and shows.

People across the Cape Rear region have been looking forward to the Cape Fear Fair and Expo, after it was canceled last year due to the pandemic.

“It feels good, of course we’re outside so it’s not more of a chance to get you know, susceptible to it. So, as long as everyone plays it say and enjoys themselves, hey let’s enjoy it,” said Vincent Ving, fairgoer.

“It’s nice for the kids to come out here and have some fun, since they’ve been cooped up and going to school, and doing the online stuff. So, they do get to mingle, you know. If you want to wear a mask you can wear your mask you can, if you don’t – you don’t got to,” said Tasha Henry, fairgoer.

Some people shared that they haven’t been to the fair in a while, and look forward to seeing the new rides, performance shows, and animals on display.

“Well it’s been several years, since we came last. We’re trying to ride every ride we can, while we’re here,” said fairgoers Amy Hayes and Rita Wilkerson.

The fair is following the same COVID-19 guidelines as the North Carolina State Fair.

Fair manager Skip Watkins said the Cape Fear Fair And Expo’s return after a one year hiatus, has seen a significant increase in fair-goers this year in comparison to previous years, since its opening day on October 29.

“We’ve never had the huge attendance we’ve been having in the last few years, but last night in one day, we crossed over 10,000 people probably close to 11,000, and you know we’ll end up with 40,000-50,000 people. To break a one-day record, you know, that was like awesome,” said Skip Watkins, Cape Fear Fair And Expo’s fair manager.

The fair will run for another week, and will end on November 7.

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