Cape Fear Raptor Center coming to Brunswick Riverwalk

BELVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The Town of Belville continues to work on new attractions, but it also wants to preserve what it has.

“I can’t wait. I mean this park frankly was my dream,” Belville Commissioner Joseph Breault said.

A new Cape Fear Raptor Center is what the future holds for the Brunswick Riverwalk at Belville. Officials hope this will bring in visitors, but also leave something behind for future residents.

“Preserve, you cannot concrete over everything. And with all the housing being developed around here, Belville’s vision is that we have to preserve something for future generations and that’s what we’re doing,” Breault said.

The Raptor Center will be a two-story building. It will be used as an educational center with an auditorium for presentations on birds. There will also be a glass area for people to watch as the birds receive care. It’s a project Breault is excited for.

“It’s one-hundred-percent approved by the people of Belville, the citizens of Belville. We’re all behind the project,” Breault said.

There will also be a waterfront restaurant and an 800-square foot farmers market donated to the town, making this much more than a park.

There is still a lot of work left to be done including raising money for the raptor center.

Breault said it will cost about $2,000,000, but he does not want this to be a burden on the tax payers. The town plans to hold fundraisers and use rent from the restaurant.

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