Car services prepare for one of the busiest nights of the year

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Year’s Eve is one of Downtown Wilmington’s busiest nights, but with all the excitement and celebrating, it’s important to remember to plan ahead on how to get home once the party ends.

According to Kats Taxi in Wilmington, they will see a 60% increase in calls this evening. So in order to handle the masses, they will have all 28 cars on the roads and making rounds throughout the night to get people home safely. Kats dispatcher Amy Rivenbark said that folks have been calling in all day to make reservations for tonight. She warns that if you haven’t already made plans, you should be prepared to wait.

“After midnight it’s going to be pray and wait to get a cab,” Rivenbark said.

While some car services are upping the cost of a ride tonight, Kats will have the same pricing they always do. “It’s going to be three dollars to start the fair and two ten a mile. That’s the same price you pay 365 days a year. Nothing changes tonight then it did any other night,” Rivenbark said.

Most importantly, Rivenbark says don’t drink and drive. There are a number of safe ways to get home after having fun and celebrating all night long.

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