Cats killed, dismembered bodies left on lawns

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Something disturbing is happening to people’s cats in one Wilmington neighborhood. Police say a person is to blame for killing cats in a brutal way.

Randy Leonard found something disturbing in his front yard Monday morning. It was half a cat. Cut, almost surgically, and then placed there.

“It was just shocking to see something like that lying there,” said Leonard, who lives off of Pine Valley Road in Wilmington. “That’s when we contacted the authorities.”

Now, police are involved.

Judy Evonko is a supervisor at Animal Services in New Hanover County. She says this is the second cat found and killed like this in that area.

“It’s sad. It’s hard to imagine somebody could do something like that,” Evonko said. “Some serial killers start out that way, but, you know, you hate to speculate anything like that.”

That’s why they are investigating. In this neighborhood, with flyers going up for other missing cats, neighbors are unsettled to say the least.

“I was very disgusted,” said Leonard, “and sick that there’s people going around that even do this type stuff.”

The owners of the cat that was killed were notified of what happened to their pet.

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