Celebrating Mother’s Day around the Port City

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s a special day for all of you wonderful Moms out there. We went around the Port City to ask how moms are celebrating Mother’s Day.

Mothers’ we spoke with say they did not need gifts today. The greatest gift they could ask for is being a mom. Mother’s Day is a day every mom feels special. Getting homemade gifts, gift cards, or spending the day out with your kids.

One mom says she is glad she got to spend the holiday with her daughter because it is about them being together, but some relaxing time to herself was nice too.

“My husband surprised me with a mother’s ring and now we’re going out to dinner later tonight with my daughter to the Brazilian steakhouse and he then allowed me a little of time to myself so I could have my coffee and get my nails and toes done,” Lindsay Crumpton a mom celebrating Mother’s Day says.

Another mom is celebrating a different way, spending the day with her three kids, going swimming and having a cookout. She says now that she is a mother this day is more special to her.

“I think it is. I definitely have a better understanding of why it was always so special for my mom. I get the warm and fuzzes now where as it used to just be I would spend it with her, but I understand how being a mom is just so much more than can even be represented on a day like this,” Tara D’meza a mom celebrating Mother’s Day says.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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