CFCC reacts to president’s free college proposal

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Last night President Barack Obama announced his proposal to offer two years of free community college to students who qualify. The proposal is a grant program, and as such students will need to meet a variety of state and institutional requirements.

Cape Fear Community College President Ted Spring, said that he thinks this is a great idea.

“I think that anytime we can offer opportunities for people who need the services of the Community College either for you know transfer education or training or retraining, hey that’s great,” said Spring.

But not everyone is completely sold on the proposal. Some students are concerned about where the funds for this program will come from and what it means for programs already in place to help students.

“Everybody needs education to help better themselves. But I sometimes wonder what’s going to happen to the early college programs and other programs that help kids in that area,” said Mariah Sutton, a student at CFCC.

Spring says that he understand these concerns and has questions about what the plan would mean for students and enrollment.

“Of course there are a lot of challenges as a result of that. When you have increased enrollment that means increased facilities, more faculty and more staff, more equipment and materials and supplies,” said Spring.

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