Chadbourn community mourns after murder

CHADBOURN, NC(WWAY) — After the murder of an elderly Chadbourn woman. Neighbors are reacting to the tragedy.

This quiet community in Chadbourn has been transformed into a community in mourning after one of their own residents was murdered in her home.

The day after a brutal murder shook up the quiet community of Berry Court – neighbors took a little time out to reflect. They say this is usually a problem-free place to live.

“Everyone here is really nice,” said resident Steven Lennon. “They help you if they can.”

Lennon says he always saw Jeannette Fowler at the trash dumpster from time to time.

“Sometimes we would talk and she said ‘If there’s anything I can do to help you let me know.'” Lennon said.

Neighbors say Fowler was quiet and kept to herself most of the time and they simply can’t imagine why anyone would do that to her and think that the people who killed Fowler need a lesson in respect.

“They should have more respect for the elderly than that,” said Kareem Muhammad. “Someone is 77 almost 80 years can’t beat them to death.”

Police say 77-year-old Jeanette Fowler died when someone broke into her home and beat her to death early Sunday morning.

Cops say the killer apparently took off with Fowler’s car afterwards. Police Chief Steven Shaw says murders don’t happen too often in Chadbourn.

“About six months ago we had a homicide involving a domestic violence situation where a girlfriend had assaulted her boyfriend with a hatchet,” Chief Shaw said. “That’s the first homicide we had this year.”

Chief Shaw says he has nothing but complete confidence that the Chadbourn Police Department can crack this case.

“We’ve got a ton of information that we are processing right now and I’m hoping for some kind of closure to this case within the next 24 to 48 hours.” Chief Shaw said.

Shaw says he’s grateful to the public for helping out with this case in any way that they can.

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