City hopes to drive down traffic congestion across Wilmington

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WWAY) — Controlling traffic in a neighborhood off Market Street is just one of many topic Wilmington City Council tackled Monday morning during their agenda briefing.

A traffic engineer gave council a presentation on traffic data in the Green Meadows neighborhood. One major concern for residents is the congestion around Noble Middle School. Members of city council said school traffic goes back to a larger issue throughout the area. They want to see more of an effort from the school board to tackled this issue.

“Macmillan Avenue comes to mind. You know, early in the morning late in the afternoon, it’s clogged up. And when you think about emergency vehicles trying to traverse those streets, it really presents a problem. I don’t think it’s something that’s real new and I trust that the school board is going to be addressing that issue as they redevelop and build new schools in our system,” Council member Charlie Rivenbark said.

The city is also looking at ways to help crackdown on speeding throughout the area.

Additionally, city council looked in debris managements and removal services.

The presentation went over general efforts throughout the area for cleanup and reflected on previous storms, such as the ice storm from 2014 and Hurricane Matthew back in 2016.

Also, the UNCW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship gave an update on their efforts over the past year. The center now has a higher percentage of women and minority entrepreneurs and there are programs for under-served communities.

City council hopes the center will continue to bring in more people from out of the state and they will stay in the area.

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